Sunday, July 25, 2010

I'm Really Bad About This...

This summer is going by way TOO fast! I feel like I just graduated and in the next few weeks I am going to be entering my very own classroom with my very own students. This summer has been a blur. Chris and I have moved to Columbia and finally just unpacked the last box yesterday! Last week I was granted permission to begin setting up my own classroom. Side note: the previous teacher left everything including her classroom library YAY! But I spend the majority of last week going through every drawer and cabinet in the classroom organizing and cleaning out.

Preparing my classroom has been a blast and I love my students already! I decided to do a jungle theme this year! At my school each class has a name so to fit with my theme my class is the McCarty Monkeys! I am so excited but it is such a process getting the classroom ready. Last week my loving friend Shelley volunteered her Thursday afternoon to helping my get the walls decorated! I promise I will post pictures before and after of the classroom as soon as I get things settled.

Chris and I were given a once in a lifetime opportunity on Friday! Wednesday evening a friend from college contacted me and asked if I wanted to see Tim McGraw- he was playing in Charlotte Friday. I told her we did not have the money right now and she goes the tickets are free. WHAT?!? Of course! So we drove up Friday and we got to go to the Pre-Show catered by Outback and got amazing center tickets 15 rows back! Let's just say amazing concert!

Yesterday we finished unpacking and cleaned up around the house. We had plans on laying out but it was so darn hot...I understand why they say Columbia is the hottest part of SC. Last night we had our first dinner guest in our new house! Shelley came over and we just relaxed and ate til we couldn't move! I love having good friends so close :)

Today has been yet another hot day! It is 100 without heat index. We have been hanging out inside so we don't melt. I have been working on school stuff while Chris plays video games haha...the only time he really gets to is when I am so consumed with get my to do list for school checked off. If any teacher bloggers has classroom ideas please share! Maybe this week I will post some of my classroom management techniques that I plan on using this school year!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!