Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Oh the Joys of Midterms!

Whew...finally today has come to an end. Today has been crazy but this was by far the hardest day of the week so hopefully the rest of this week will be a breeze. This morning I taught a math lesson on making purchases to my middle schoolers. During the lesson, I was observed by my campus supervisor who I love dearly. She loved my lesson and the only suggestion was to lower my voice hahahahaha. Aren't teachers suppose to have loud voices? haha If you know me then you know my normal voice is loud much less a "teacher voice." But I am going to be working on it.
As soon as I left the middle school I had to go take my Special Education assessment midterm. Alright ya'll so I get the exam and its 15 pages with 50 short answer/essay questions with a couple multiple choices. But luckily I had studied my butt off these past few days and I feel confident that I did well! Now just holding my breath until next Tuesday.
So I have been running since 6am and had class til 7:45 pm I am exhausted but I keep telling myself that I will be very appreciative of all this hard work when I start teaching.
Also for anyone that is an education major we have to take the PRAXIS exams to be certified to teach. I took my first set, Elementary Education, in September and I got the scores back today and I PASSED! I am so very excited! Well going to try to be productive for a little bit then hitting the sheets!
Hope everyone had an amazing Tuesday!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

One Lazy Sunday

Today was a lazy Sunday the past few days I have felt under the weather and today it totally kicked my butt. I woke up with no voice this morning and thought my head was going to explode. And not to mention that this afternoon I discovered I am allergic to medicines the doctor gave me on Friday. My whole face broke out in hives- talk about freaking out. Unfortunately due to my illness I did not make it to church this morning. So today has been a lazy laughing around the apartment day. I did manage to watch a lot of television and I looked over some class notes. I really need to be productive since I have two tests, my math lesson is being observed by my campus supervisor, and a observation paper all due this week :( Please pray that I survive. Luckily my mom and brother are coming up this weekend to go shopping since Will has a soccer tournament.

I also wanted to remind everyone that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This time of year I think back to the women in my life that have had to fight this battle. I just want everyone to take a minute to remember those who have lost the fight and are currently fighting the fight. Also think about the women who have survived the fight.
Have a great week!

Saturday, October 3, 2009


I LOVE WEEKENDS! I use the weekend to catch up on tv shows, social life, and the school work. I love this time of year FOOTBALL and fall! I love watching CLEMSON! People ask why I didn't go there and truthfully I tell them I wanted the best education for special education so I choose the school that was formally the teacher training school-just makes sense! Since my school doesn't have a football team I am cheer as loud (if not louder) then the students for CLEMSON!

I am a huge CLEMSON TIGERS fan. When it comes to football I cheer for CLEMSON and whoever is playing USC. Unfortunately today was not a good day for the TIGERS but that is okay there is always next game. I am the girl that knows the plays, the calls, and scream at the TV if I am not at the game ha. One thing that will make my day turn around is USC losing to SC State. People say it is a far reach but honestly when USC beats a ranked them they get cocky (sorry Gamecock fans).

This weekend has consisted of getting caught up on school work. Next week is a jammed packed week and not to mention I am fighting my second sinus infection in three weeks :( I have two midterms and I am getting observed teaching--oh the joys of college! But I am going to get back to College Football and school work. Hope everyone has an excellent Saturday!