Friday, November 20, 2009


I have a blonde cocker spaniel named Faith and a miniature dachshund named Cooper. I brought Faith home when I was in 8th grade in my sweatshirt. I went to the Savannah Flea Market and got her with a friend's family. My friend's family told me that I could have a dog at their house. They felt guilty they told my parents because I was with them when theirs died :( So I brought Faith in and walked immediately to my room bypassing everyone. I was young thought I could raise her in my room I guess ha......little did I know raising a puppy is like raising a child. When my dad called me to get back downstairs he questioned what was moving around in my sweatshirt. When I pulled him out he was in love (even if he doesn't admit it) and my mom was in shock haha. We had to work on her to convince her to keep Faith. But now that I am in college my parents love the dog more then me sometimes ha.

When I moved in with my grandparents I bought my grandma a mini dachshund named Cooper. SOOO spoiled haha. He is a creature of habit and such a cuddler. He always makes me laugh even when I am down. Its like it knows and instantly comes and gives me kisses!
I love them!

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Well today has been busy...this morning I had the PRAXIS Special Education Core Exam. I have to take 6 tests to be certified to teach and I currently half way done. So I after much consideration and prayer I will be applying to Clemson for graduate school. Yesterday I spoke to the lady that coordinates it and she invited me to come visit and meet with her and the director! One step closer!
Since there was no home football game this weekend I was determined to be productive. I will be hiding out the next few weeks until after finals. I came home after my exam and watched football. Unfortunately ESPN360 kept going in and out so I only got to see parts of the game. But we WON! Clemson is going to the ACC Championship Dec. 5th in Tampa! They have only more conference game next weekend again Virginia then its the big SEC vs ACC game against the chickens (USC Gamecocks). LETS GO TIGERS!
I am getting back to work but just wanted to update real fast! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Graduate School

So I am in my senior year of my undergraduate degree and have been really thinking about what I want to do after graduation. I have thrown ideas around like move home for a year save some money and teach at my old elementary school, move to Charleston with some friends, teach in Rock Hill (where I am currently) and start teaching and grad school next fall, hold off on grad many options. Well today I got word of a new graduate program at Clemson University. The program is a one year program in Early Childhood Special Education (which is what I wanted to get my undergrad in but the state didn't offer that degree path). The program is federally funded and I would agree to teach for two years after I complete the program. I am so excited for this but I am having to look at in the big picture. I love Clemson and love that this major is being offered on the graduate level! I am really praying about it and hope everyone will pray for me as I make some big decisions! I contacted the head of the program today and I am waiting to hear back for more information! I will keep everyone posted..... Have a great night!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Clemson vs. FSU= AMAZING

Let's start with Friday. Friday I was determined to be productive. I had a to do list a mile long that just seemed to just keeping growing. I went to the ITC lab til noon on Friday to get some things accomplished but that is where the work ended. I had noticed a knot in my tire on my car so I went to the Honda dealership where I bought the tires. Sadly, I had to buy a whole new tire for 125 dollars....why in the world do tires cost so much?!? Then Mrs. Barbara called me to see if I could come babysit her two amazing children while her and the hubby met of with some friends. I never want to turn down an evening with some precious children. Well when I got there the children had multiplied and I ended up having five children. We had any amazing time we played nerf wars and Wii (which they beat me at).
Then when everyone came home they said they had an extra ticket to the Clemson/FSU game. Well I wasn't suppose to go to the Clemson vs. FSU this game because I was going to be productive but that changed. Mrs. Barbara told me I was going no questions asked! And boy oh boy what an amazing day/night and game! We had so much fun! What an amazing game is all I have to say. And to make it even better USC LOST!!! After halftime we were cheering and all and I looked down two rows and CJ Spiller's (who I am in love with) family was sitting there! Well needless to say I got a picture with them!
CJ Spiller is such a kind hearted person and an amazing football player! His family was sweet too! He is up for the Heisman and I would love for everyone to vote for him. Just go to
He is currently ahead of Tim Tebow! I love Tim but I would love CJ Spiller to win because he is a TIGER! Hope everyone has a great week!

Monday, November 2, 2009


Sorry I have not updated in forever. This semester has been crazy busy with student teaching. This past weekend my two best friends Allie and Emily and I went to Clemson for homecoming. And yet again it poured on us. Every single home game this year has been held in the rain. Hopefully next weekend it will be nice. We finally have a night game against FSU! Go CLEMSON! Here is some of the pictures from this weekend.At the end of the game we had to go buy new clothes since we were soaked...Ponchos did no justice or protection this weekend since it poured. We had a great time. I love hanging out with these two fabulous ladies. We rode to Clemson with Mrs. Barbara who went to Clemson. Needless to say a great trip! On the way home we called into the Gamecock radio talkshow and let them know what we thought since they were bashing Clemson fans. The video is on facebook.

This week is going to busy but PRODUCTIVE I am determined. I can not believe that it is already November. I can't believe that this time next month I will be done teaching middle schoolers---where has this semester gone? I have absolutely fallen in love with middle school but I am excited that next semester I will be in an elementary school!

So I am currently looking for a bible study that is designed for single ladies if anyone has an suggestions please send me a comment!

I am currently wanting to change the blog around. If ya'll would please send me any links with backgrounds, buttons, etc please send them my way. I am new to this so help me out!

Well I am going to get back to lesson planning but hope ya'll have an amazing week!