Sunday, July 26, 2009

Weekend in Review

Hey ya'll!
This weekend has flown by so fast! I had Friday off for my mom's surgery that went amazingly well! Praise the Lord! This weekend I had the opportunity to meet up with a high school friend that I use to swim with. Her and I were very close but the distance of college and our busy schedules has pulled us apart...but we are working on that. We went to the Westin Resort and ate a fabulous lunch at Turtles, which is the poolside restaurant! We then went to the beach and relaxed and just caught up with each other. I love catching up with old friends. To make it even better I saw a ton of high school friends this weekend just out and about. I can't believe that we have been out of high school for three years. It always amazes me to find out where people are and what path of life they have taken.
Saturday I spend quality time with my daddy! I'm such a daddy's little girl still! We decided to just take a car ride around the island. We went to Harbor Town-even though we live on Hilton Head dad tries to avoid the tourist areas like the plague. We pulled right in by the water and people watched. We then went to South Beach- where the Salty Dog is located. We just drove through but we were about to catch up! Sometimes it seems that life gets to busy for the simple joys such as just driving around with your daddy. Car rides have always been part of my family. I remember growing up and dad taking the whole family on a car ride. We never knew exactly where we were going or when we would be home. But I have some of the best memories from those car rides.
Well today is Sunday and I am preparing myself for another work week!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Today in a Nutshell

Hi! My name is Amie McCarty. I am new to blog and have decided to track and record my thoughts through online blogging. I'm a college senior and I'm sure that through my last year of college I will have many challenges, adventures, and thoughts to share. I am studying Special Education-something that has always been a passion and interest of mine. As my senior year approaches I have many decisions to make- where to teacher, where to pursue a master's degree, etc. and I want to use this blog to record all the thoughts, advice, and opportunities that arise. I hope you enjoy and please send me any questions or advice!

This summer I am working at a Christian preschool on the island. And needless to say this week has been an adventure. Monday it rained so the field trip to the park was canceled. Tuesday I had to catch a snake that was loose in the building. And today we took the Jellyfish (ages two to three) and the Alligators (ages three and four) on a dolphin cruise out of South Beach Marina. The kids were well behaved but my nerves were shot at the end of the trip. Making sure twenty little ones are holding on, sitting down, not climbing, etc. on a boat can be quite a little stressful. After the boat ride we ate at Jake's Pizza- one of the Salty Dog restaurants. By lunch time I was hot and exhausted all I could do was make sure the kids were feed and ready to get back to the school for nap time.

These kids have become part of my life this summer. Each of them are truly unique and special! Yes they each have their moments but I can overlook those :) Well time to prepare for Thursday!