Wednesday, September 30, 2009

His Love is Amazing...

Today was a day that reminded me of how amazing my God's love is! I got to spend time with my daddy-which consisted of a lot of picking on each other-we call it tough love! We went to lunch and he filled up my tank! Funny story this morning on my way to school my gas light came on (if you know my dad that is the biggest pet peeve) so I decided I would stop and get a little bit. But I actually got $2.11 (price of a gallon-ha) to get my home until he came! Yes this is how desperate a college student is in this day and time! Alright I wouldn't normally do that but I just didn't want to hear from him about never let your gas light come on, running on fumes, blah, blah...I was just saying myself from that speech!

Another prayer request:
Another girl that is in my major spoke to me today about her younger sister. Her name is Julianna Bowman and she has Ehlors Danlos Type 2, which is a connective tissue disorder. She also has a leak of spinal chord fluid. Julianna's brain is sagging because it's in 1/3 of the fluid it's supposed to be in. At this time the doctors can't fix the leak because of the connective tissue disorder. There are only 13 cases in the world like hers. Today marked the two year anniversary of the diagnosis. Last year she was progressing and things where looking up but today was a reminder that this will always be there. She is currently in the hospital and doctors are talking with a hospital in New York about treatment and possibly moving her up there.
My friend is getting married in December and this is on her plate. She asked for prayers for her family during this difficult time. Also pray for doctors and nurses and their wisdom when dealing with Julianna.

Keeping praying!

Have a great evening!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hello Fall!

Today was the first real day that felt like fall! The weather has been amazing! I just wanted to sit outside and enough the fresh air while I could since I know what kind of weather follows fall--COLD. I would love the weather to be like it has been low 70s nice breeze and sunshine for the whole year. Even though I would probably complain about it in the summer when it would be too chilly for the beach. I am just blessed to be able to experience this beautiful weather!

Tomorrow my dad is stopping by on his way to visit family in the north! I haven't seen him for over a month and its about time! I am such a daddy's girl and truthfully it is the hardest part about being in college-being away from my daddy. I love my mom and my brother but there is something about that daddy-daughter relationship that I just cherish and hold on to! I wish I could go with him but unfortunately have classes and lessons to teach to my awesome middle schoolers!

Here are just a few prayer requests that I have received that I want to share:

One of my best friends just send me a message that needs lots of PRAYERS! Her fiance's cousin was hit by a car and little details are have been made available. In the few seconds that we were on the phone she did tell me that he was rushed to the trauma center even though they say he was coherent. I would rather then be safe then sorry. But I am asking for prayers!

This is a very stressful semester for all teacher interns and we all need guidance with our lesson planning. We also need prayers that we can maintain a social life and academic life. This has been the most stressful part of the semester for me I feel like I don't have time for anything by academics! And I want to have a balance of both so I can interact with people outside of education. NO offense education majors!

Godly men and women for my single friends. This is a prayer we have all prayed about and we would like to continue to pray for!

Alright enough procrastination for the night time to get back to lesson planning! Hope everyone has an amazing night!

Monday, September 28, 2009

I'm Really BAD at This...

Okay I know I haven't written in over a month-SORRY! I came back to school and things got crazy busy. This semester I am teaching two days a week in a middle school and honestly love it! I never thought I would say this but I do! Even though I am still leaning toward teaching elementary school. So basically my life right now consist of lesson planning...unit planning...standardized testing...and the list could go. But oh how I LOVE my profession!

So who watches ARMY WIVES? My best friends and I always get together and watch it on Sunday evening and I am going to hate when the show goes off :( Last night Desperate Housewives came back on and I was never a huge addict until I got totally caught up in the plot line this summer. I love Sunday night TV shows and of course FOOTBALL!

My goal is to update this as much as possible! If only someone would hold me to it!
Have a great MONDAY!