Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ice, Ice, and more Ice

We woke up this morning to ICE....and boy was it everywhere. Chris called into work and didn't go in til 11. He called to say the roads were awful and no one knew how to drive. Not sure why this is a surprise to him since he complains about people's driving when it is sunny ha.

Since he has been at work I have entered in all my grades and report card comments! Whew it only took me two hours. I am so bad about entering them online. Maybe this semester I will keep up with...we will see. I am about to adjust my lesson plans for this week---even though tomorrow is up in the air. Tonight's forecast in high 16 and tomorrow morning it is only suppose to be 18 degrees. Brrrrr.... Therefore all this is going to keep freezing since its only 28 right now. A couple fellow teachers and I have been debating what they will do. My guess is late start but some schools have already began to cancel so we will see.

After I complete my lesson plans I hope finish some laundry and snuggle on the couch with a good book. I never have the opportunity to read during the week because it is so crazy busy so I am enjoying this time! I started a new book last night that truly has me engaged. Its called Heart of the Matter by Emily Griffin. I love her books! I bought this one over the summer but just didn't get to it before the hussle and bussle of school.
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 Hope everyone has a great afternoon!

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