Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day

We were awoken at 5:30 this morning to a power surge and a bolt of lightening that brighten our room...lets just say we both screamed. I didn't know that there could be thunder and lightening during a snow storm...then again I am a southern girl we aren't suppose to have this kinda weather.

Chris called his work's weather hotline and they were on delay and told to call back at 9:30 but before he could even call back his boss texted him to say they were closed. Apparently the roads are awful...we don't know we haven't been out. We have seen cars leave the apartment complex but then they turn right around and come back.

We have about six inches of snow and now it is starting to freeze :( It's only 25 and windy. This morning we took Palmetto out in it to play. At first he didn't know what to do. Here are the pictures of our child....
Don't eat the yellow snow...

Trying to figure out what in the world this stuff is

Palmetto and Mommy

Chris and I....I was freezing...

The snow has stopped currently. We have had batches of freezing rain and sleet this afternoon though. Every weather forecast predicts more sleet and freezing rain. The highway patrol and city have alerted us to stay off the roads. This morning they couldn't get them cleaned fast enough before it would be covered again. They are predicting all the snow to freeze over making the roads that much worst. I haven't heard anything about school tomorrow just predictions of closure from other teachers in my school district. They are suppose to make a call tonight regarding tomorrow. Personally I hate driving in this weather and I am terrified of ice so I would be perfectly content having a cancellation again :)

In all fairness I have been working on data folders and lessons for much of the day. I just fear that we might lose power tonight if everything goes as predicted. I can handle the snow but not the ice and no power :(


NO SCHOOL on Tuesday! I am preparing myself to be massive productive tomorrow! I have a to do list a mile long that needs to get done. Well now it is time for Bachelor and National Championship! Who are yall cheering for? I honestly don't have any connection with Auburn or Oregon so I am just watching it to watch it. Chris says he is going for Oregon so we will see what happens!

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