Sunday, January 9, 2011

Winter Storm Warning...

50 days....can't believe how fast it has gone. My mama wasn't joking when she said life is a fast ride.

This weekend has been crazy busy. Friday night I came home from work to flowers and a bottle of wine. Chris had also planned a surprise date night. He cooked dinner and cleaned :) then we watched one of my favorite movies: Sweet Home Alabama.

Saturday Chris had to work til 1 then we were suppose to go to the gym. Plans changed we went and saw the house, grabbed lunch, and went to HH Gregg. When we bought our furniture we got a 600 dollar giftcard. Since we know the manager at the store she worked us a great day! We came home with a 32 inch tv for a bedroom, a 19 inch tv for our guest room, and Apple TV!!!! I am a huge Apple lover! I love how we can just connect to our iTunes account to watch all of our movies, listen to our music, and view our pictures. It also hooks into our Netflix account which we love.

HH Grgg
Today we ran to the grocery story because we are under a winter storm warning....yall should have seen the people. I had to laugh at what some of the people had in their carts. One guy had 4 cases of beer, bread, eggs, and water. I had to laugh not just at his amount of beer but at the eggs. I mean seriously what are you suppose to do with the eggs if the electric goes out. But I guess he was just following what the news said. This morning they kept saying make sure you get milk, bread, eggs, and water.

Chris's dad came through town today and we got to show him the house. We also went to Five Guys. I love their cajun fries! Who has eaten there before?

The weather forecast is stating between 4-6 inches of snow tomorrow and tomorrow and then ice. So we are now at home just relaxing waiting to find out whether we will have school and work tomorrow. The rumor is we will be out tomorrow and delay Tuesday. I could really use an extra day. I have a to do list that is crazy long. Well I am going to get back to performing my snow dance :)

My snow dance worked!!!! At about 6 the district office contacted employees about school being closed tomorrow! Leaving the school work alone tonight for game night with my hubby!

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